Transformation Through Movement and Music


How do we dance through life?

  • Moving to live music makes relationships with others, our feelings, our body, the ground and space

  • Dancing to guided imagery takes us on a journey using imagination, and connects us to our intuition

  • Being spontaneous allows our creative potential to be expressed with community, the ultimate toner of the vagus nerve

Vagus nerve vibration

The Vagus Nerve  is a mind body connector regulating heart rate, digestion and internal organ functions. Singing, music, and movement stimulate the vagus nerve promoting nervous system relaxation, emotional well-being, and connection

Music-making in community

  • All instruments are welcome. Percussive instruments will be available
  • Develop skills in deep listening and playing with others
  • Make friends with your voice through fun vocal structures

Dance, Make Music or both

Choose your focus on dance, music skills and playing for dancers or interchange

Inner journey

We will take an inner journey through sound and movement exploring breath, flow, rhythm, repetition, dynamics, textures, variations, silence, shape and emotions

Outer journey

For the outer journey, we will move and sound with our voice/instruments into creative connections


  • Explore inner sounds and body connection to help understand who and what we are in this world
  • As we try on nuances and feel different parts through body in sound and motion, we move out old patterns
  • Clear the way to be our authentic self, opening our vision to create the world we want.